Money Talks

   By: Perry Deakin Date: Tue 12th Sep 2017

There is no doubt at all that English football is a very different spectacle these days – access to footballers is as difficult as it could be with media departments restricting and controlling the message from players at every turn.  Ultimately, the effect of this is a complete lack of personality coming through when players speak – they are under orders to stay ‘on-message’ and say nothing which might reflect poorly upon ‘the brand’.

We simply don’t know the players in the way we felt we did prior to the creation of the Premier League and therefore we have no empathy with them at all when things don’t go well on the pitch.  If we had a sense of who they were we might stay with them for longer but when all we hear are sound bites created by a head of media we have no patience whatsoever!

Combine this with astronomical salaries at the highest level and players having no issue whatsoever in refusing to play when seeking a transfer (usually for more money) and you can clearly see why supporters boo their own players on a very regular basis. Supporters don’t know them, they don’t relate to them, they don’t understand them and frankly, in many cases they don’t like them – so they’d better play well in every single game or they will boo them!

Clubs really need to understand the complete disconnect between players and supporters and make changes to the way in which they communicate – small changes would make a significant difference.

A little more access to players and freedom for them to show a little personality would work wonders – supporters just want to feel that their players care about the shirt they are wearing and the fans they represent – their salary would not be an issue at all if fans could see the players care (and let’s be very clear, the vast majority of footballers do care – we just don’t see or hear it – think Harry Kane at Spurs!).

So media departments, wise-up!

For those interested in transfer window stats, try these;

2017’s summer transfer window saw Premier League clubs spend a total of £1.46 Billion – this broke the English transfer window record for the sixth consecutive year

5 Premier League Clubs actually made a profit on transfers

12 Premier League clubs broke their transfer record during the window

2 Premier League clubs, Brighton & Hove Albion and Huddersfield Town actually broke their transfer record 3 times during the window

Huddersfield Town signed the highest number of players in the window with 13 players coming into the club and Arsenal signed the fewest with just 2 additions

Manchester City spent the most in the window with a total of £221 Million – Stoke City spent the lowest amount, £25 Million.