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Remember Remember

Meg Jones

12 Nov 2020

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How good is your memory?

Many believe that the older you get the more the memory fades, which for most is true. But from fading to sharp can often be easily triggered a word, a reminder of an event, a smell or taste, and it instantly reminds you of something in your past, perhaps from many years ago. I believe the brain is an amazing organ, that all the memories are still there. But with so much information having been stored in our brain over the years, it needs triggers to bring it to the fore. It is like an amazing filing system.
Things that are of little consequence are the most difficult to recall. Why would we want to remember the trivia of life? Well, one reason could be mouldering away in your freezer. Remember that bag of ‘something’ that every now and then you spy, have no idea what it is so put it back again? That is one memory that is unlikely ever to come back to you.
A survey earlier this year of more than 1,000 British people came up with an unedifying list of how much stockpiling of food in fridges and freezers was currently being held.
The results showed that over 30% said they had items in their freezer that were more than a year old. 8% had items over two years and over 5% had an item more than five years old! Quite a sobering thought. So, you are not alone if you find you have forgotten items in your freezer. The brain obviously cannot have all this information there at the flick of a switch.
It seems that once we’ve put something in our freezer, we are reluctant to throw it away, even if we are never going to eat it. The longest stored foods as identified in the survey were ready meals, meat and fruit. One respondent confessed they had a box in their freezer for years and no idea what it was other than ‘an unknown and disgusting looking stew that I will never eat’.
So, sort out your freezer and use that ‘way back’ memory to recall happy holidays, cute things the children said or did, family members long gone, joyful Christmas celebrations, happy parties, or where you left your keys! Keep a ‘memorabilia’ box with photographs, a special birthday or Christmas card, a personal letter, a holiday postcard, a theatre ticket, a piece of jewellery, anything of significance to you, any one of which could release a forgotten memory, and in a moment you are transported back to that occasion. Well done brain!
Survey conducted in September 2020 by Prominence Support,

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