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Screen Split

17 Oct 2018

As the nights draw in, it’s easy to just spend the evenings vegging out in front of the TV, channel hopping or losing hours trawling through social media. Why not make an effort to reduce your family’s screen time by setting aside a couple of hours in the evening to unwind and do something together. How about?...

1. Dig out the games and set aside a few hours one night a week to play Guess Who, Hungry Hippos, Scrabble, Exploding Kittens...the list is endless. You’ll find yourselves laughing and chatting together as you unwind after the long day of school and work.

2. Listen instead to an audio book, radio play or funny podcast. You’ll be surprised at how easy it is to find something you’ll love. If you like unusual facts, the QI Elves produce funny facts in their podcast “No Such Thing As A Fish” and there’s always something interesting to learn by listening to “Stuff You Should Know”.

3. Gift yourself the weekend by getting ahead on small jobs that you usually leave until the work week is over. By choosing one or two small things to do mid-week, you’ll really make your free time your free time! I little bit or ironing here, a wipe around the bathroom there, just 30 minutes can make you feel super smug on Saturday.

4. Take time out to create, be it a painting, writing, making a journal, learning to knit, working on a project like building a bike. Pop some music on while you do it and you won’t miss the TV!

5. Read a book or magazine and rest your eyeballs from the glare of the screen. By resting your eyes from the flickering light you may even find yourself more relaxed and sleeping better!

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