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Spectacular Sunsets and How to Capture Them

18 Sep 2020

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Autumn is the best time of year for beautiful sunsets. Have you ever tried to capture one and been disappointed with the result? Sunsets can be devilishly tricky to capture well, but we have a few tips.

Choose The Time and Place
If you’re serious about sunsets, make a note of places where they are particularly good then head there before the sunset to give you time to set your camera up. There are websites which tell you what time the sun will set on a particular day. Try
Foreground Is important
The best sunset photos tend to have something of interest in the foreground, generally silhouetted. This provides a focal point. Look for an attractive tree or a wind farm. Even pylons can look impressive in front of a sunset.
Patience Is Also Important
Sunset actually goes on for quite a long time. As the sun dips beneath the horizon it can produce some spectacular shots, but afterwards the colours of the sky can become even more rich and beautiful, so hang around.
So Is a Tripod!
The best shots are often longer exposures, so they will look shaky unless you secure your camera to a tripod.
Ignore ‘the rule of thirds’
The sunset is the star so place your horizon really low down in the shot. This fills the image with colour.
Remember Reflections
If you are near water take full advantage of doubling the impact of your sunset. In this instance try placing the horizon at exactly halfway or shoot only the reflections. Experiment and have fun!

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