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Top Tips to Increase Water Intake in Cats

Serena Cutbill/Scarsdale Vets

16 Jul 2020

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  1. Include wet food as part of their diet. This is by far the easiest way to increase your cat’s water intake, but it should be done gradually. You can also try adding water to dry biscuits although this may reduce the palatability.
  2. Increase access to fresh water by placing bowls on all floors of the house so they are always accessible. Provide one bowl per cat in the household plus one extra.
  3. Use glass, metal or ceramic bowls rather than plastic ones. Felines usually like wide, shallow dishes but try different sizes and shapes to see what your cat prefers.
  4. Ensure water bowls are topped up to the brim.
  5. Some cats prefer stale water so leaving a dish outside may be useful. Others tend to favour running water, so leave taps dripping or invest in a water fountain.
  6. Leave some water in the bottom of a sink or the bath.
  7. Offer different types of water to see what your cat likes – e.g. distilled water, warm water, tap water, rain water.
  8. Offer flavoured water. Use the juices from meat or fish to create a ‘broth’ or freeze to make flavoured ice cubes.
  9. Position water bowls in quiet locations away from food bowls and litter trays.
  10. Some prescription diets contain slightly higher salt levels which encourages the intake of fluids.
Encouraging your pet to drink more will help to produce more dilute urine and will aid in the reduction of bladder inflammation. Along with reducing stress, this is one of the most vital aspects in preventing cystitis from recurring.

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