Time To Tidy

   By: Local Links Date: Tue 12th Sep 2017

1.Anything in your home that you look at and don’t like

2.Books you have read and have no intention of reading again

3.Old magazines

4.Anything that you can get the same information easily again online

5.Anything broken

6.Old bedding in the bottom of your linen cupboard that you never use

7.Half finished craft projects that are never going to be completed

8.Pens that don’t work any longer

9.Anything that makes you feel sad or guilty when you look at it

10.Games/jigsaws where some of the pieces
are missing

11.Chargers for phones you no longer own

12.Artwork that doesn’t make you happy

13.Any earrings that don’t have their partner

14.Any shoes that don’t have their partner

15.Most manuals for items you buy (you can find all the info online)

16.Scraps of wrapping paper that won’t wrap anything!
17.Old computers (take care to destroy the hard drive first)

18.Educational notes etc
from past qualifications, you have the qualification now!

19.Boxes from electronic items you have bought

20.Receipts from items you have kept and used (unless it’s the guarantee or you need to keep for accounting reasons)

21.Items related to hobbies you don’t do any longer

22.Paint for rooms that you have since redecorated a different colour

23.Memorabilia that doesn’t hold the same value for you any longer

24.Projects you have been meaning to get around to for years but haven’t

25.Toys no longer played with