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10 Steps to Crate Train Your Dog

Kat Johnson/Scarsdale Vets

18 Sep 2020

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  1. The crate needs to be big enough for your dog to lie down, stand up and turn around in, with access to food and water.
  2. Let your dog have a look around the crate at this stage. Do not approach or attempt to close the crate door even if your dog seems happy inside it.
  3. Start to give every meal in the crate but do not close the door at this stage.
  4. If during the day your dog goes into the crate, always reward them with a treat.
  5. Place food in interactive feeders, such as a Kong, into the crate to encourage your dog to stay inside it between mealtimes.
  6. Once your dog is settling into the crate, start to close the door. As soon as they finish eating open the crate door again.
  7. Gradually leave the crate door closed for longer after your dog has eaten meals/treats or a stuffed Kong. Start by leaving for one minute and slowly increase the time.
  8. When your dog is happy in the crate for 5 minutes with the door closed, start to walk away and go into another room, then come back and open the crate door.
  9. Slowly increase the time you are away from your dog by a minute at a time. Once your dog is happy waiting for you to return after a few minutes, you can move onto the last stage.
  10. Before you leave your dog in the crate overnight or to go to work, you need to get them use to triggers. These are things like closing doors, turning lights off, putting coats on and picking up keys. Practise doing these things whilst your dog is in the crate for a few days before doing it for real.

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