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10 Virtual Christmas Party Ideas

12 Nov 2020

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2020 could well be ‘The Christmas to Remember’ and December is likely to be a little different to usual.

Whether you’ve been tasked with organising a virtual office Christmas party, or you’re hoping to interact online with family and friends who are unable to get together, here are some suggestions to help you create a memorable festive experience. Who knows, maybe some will catch on for future years when the weather is snowy and people don’t want to venture out in party wear?!
1. Stick the Red Nose on Father Christmas
A version of the traditional ‘Pin the Tail on the Donkey’ for the kids. Each family could stick a picture of Father Christmas on a door and then watch online as each child is blindfolded to stick the red nose on.
2. Cheese and Wine Tasting by the Christmas Tree
A sophisticated night where a variety of cheeses and wines are decided in advance. It’s a good chance to get to see other people’s Christmas trees too.
3. Christmas Charades
This can work just as well as a virtual event as in person. People can all excitedly shout at their screens.
4. Christmas Karaoke
This is either one for the whole family, or for a night when maybe a little alcohol is consumed and grow-ups become more confident.
5. Secret Santa
Regularly done in offices, this can be organised in advance, and gifts can be delivered to the participants for them to open on-screen.
6. Fancy Dress Christmas Quiz
Whether you love or hate quizzes, it’s a great way to involve everyone – young or old, and the fancy dress aspect will make it different to all the other quiz nights that have taken place during lockdown.
7. Tipple TV. Pick a programme/film/stand-up comedian
Agree on a few specific words and then all participants watch at the same time and take a sip of their favourite tipple every time the specific words are spoken. Could get quite giggly.
8. Online Family Board Games or Bingo Night
Snakes and Ladders, Ludo, Connect 4 and more can all be played for free online. But if you prefer Bingo, one person can act as the caller.
9. Christmas Chef
For those who like to cook/bake – and for those who are terrible at it! Email a recipe in advance, then everyone cooks at the same time. Laughter is likely to occur and conversation will be created, then the finished items can be compared and critiqued.
10. Christmassy Caricaturist
These artists can normally be booked to attend your party. Throughout the evening, they draw comical pictures of the guests. This year, they could be booked to attend online and draw each person from looking at them on-screen, then at the end of the evening the pictures can be revealed!
A virtual Christmas can be sociable, engaging and, most of all, memorable. Helpful tip: if it’s really not your thing, you could always make the excuse that your internet connection is unstable!

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