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12 Things to Christmas

10 Nov 2021

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Christmas is not far off and now is a great time to get a head start so that December can be a time of celebration instead of frustration. With that in mind, here are...

Twelve Things to do this November in preparation for Christmas:

1. A really deep clean.
Prepare your home for Christmas decorating by getting things spiffy clean. During the busyness of December you will be able to get by with just some maintenance cleaning.

2.Go to the Salon.
Dye your hair, get your eyebrows waxed, do whatever cosmetic things you like to do but won't have a lot of time for during the Christmas rush. You can bet appointments will be hard to come by closer to christmas!

3.Put the Paint
Pots Away
Finish up any home decor projects that are hanging over your head.

4.Plan the Party Wear
Buy Christmas outfits for the whole family. Get this out of the way before the shops fill with frantic shoppers. You’ll be all sorted for those family visits!

5.Fill the Calendar
Set the date for any get-togethers and parties you would like to attend or host and try to send out invites one month prior to the date of the party. With families trying to juggle visits on both sides you’ll stand more chance of avoiding a clash of dates.

6.Stock the Cupboards
Make sure to get all your Christmas baking essentials, so that you don’t have to rush out for marzipan along with everyone else!

7.Food Prep for the
Double a couple weeknight dinners and freeze half for busy December days. You’ll thank yourself when you get in from the wind and the rain, laden down with shopping bags.

8.Hang Outdoor Christmas Lights
While the weather is still reasonably dry is a good time to put them up. You’ll have to resist turning them on until December though!

9.Plan your Presents
Make a list of everyone you need a gift for and brainstorm some gift ideas. Set a budget and try and keep to it!

10.Prepare a Christmas Bucket List.
List things you'd really like to do as a family this holiday season and then find time for them on the calendar before it starts to fill up with other events.

11.Plan Ahead the Entertainment
Research good games and activities to keep sugar laden children distracted and entertained. Be sure to stock up christmas films too!

12.Hide Yourself Some Treats
Christmas is about giving but if you’re the primary household organiser you can feel run ragged by the holidays so do something a little selfish. Make yourself a pamper box of bath bombs, your favourite treats, a book or anything else you enjoy doing and keep them hidden and safe. That way, when things get hectic you can disappear for an hour and treat yourself in the safety that your favourite chocs or ginger biscuits haven’t already been eaten by the family!

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