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A Bonfire & Halloween Treat

11 Oct 2023

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Toffee apples! When was the last time you had one? The history of the toffee apple dates back to the early 19th century. It is believed to have originated in England, where it was popularised as a festive treat during Halloween and Guy Fawkes' Night celebrations.

These delicious treats are made by dipping apples into a hot caramelised sugar. Over time, the treat spread to other parts of the world, including the United States and Australia. Today, toffee apples remain a popular treat during autumn and Halloween festivities, delighting both children and adults with their sweet and crunchy exterior, contrasting with the juiciness and tartness of the apple. Here’s how you can make your own...

Toffee Apples

• 12 small apples
• 12 lollipop sticks
• 200g demerara sugar
• 2tsp golden syrup
• 20g butter

1. Push a stick into each apple.
2. Put the sugar, golden syrup and butter into a pan over a medium heat.
3. Stir with a wooden spoon and once melted bring to the boil.
4. Continue to boil for 5-6 minutes.
5. Test if the toffee is ready by putting a drop of the mixture into cold water to see if it hardens.
6. When you know the mixture is at the setting stage remove the pan from the heat.
7. Dip each apple into the toffee to coat and let any excess drip off.
9. Put each apple with the stick pointing up on an oiled baking tray and cool for 10 minutes.
10. If you’d like to be more creative with your toffee apples, why not dip them in an additional topping while still sticky?

You could try:

• Chopped dried fruit such as
cherries, apricots, raisins or blueberries etc.
• Edible glitter
• Hundreds and thousands
• Jelly sweets
• Smarties
• Chopped nuts
• Popping candy
• Crushed biscuits
• Chopped up chocolate bars
• ...the choice is really up to

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