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A Good Read

Steve Smallman

12 Nov 2020

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Little Bunny’s Book of Thoughts by Steve Smallman

With the growth in popularity of mindfulness and relaxation books comes a new title by award-winning author and illustrator Steve Smallman. This uplifting rhyming text encourages people of all ages to take a moment out of their day for themselves, to reflect and try something new. Mental health is an ever prominent issue, particularly with the challenges we currently face, and this book provides an easy way to help present these issues to people of all ages and raise awareness of mindful thinking with a gentle approach.
The delightful pencil illustrations present Little Bunny experiencing challenges and showing a range of emotions, making him an instantly relatable and universal character. This compact picture book is the perfect choice for a bedtime story, a relaxed activity for children to end the day, or the perfect gift for someone special. ‘I think that whatever age we are, we can get bogged down with everyday worries and insecurities and become very inward-looking. Taking the time to stop, look ‘out’ instead of ‘in’ and be kind to yourself is a lesson Bunny can teach us all!’ - Steve Smallman.
The author of Smelly Peter the Great Pea Eater (Winner of the Sheffield Children’s Book Award 2009) and The Lamb Who Came for Dinner (shortlisted for the Red House Children’s Book Award), Steve also received the Sheffield Children’s Book Award in 2019 for Cock-a-Doodle Poo!

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