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17 Jul 2018

This summer many of us will be hitting the highways for a week away or day-trip and a great many of us will take advantage of that most convenient of mealtime treats, the drive-thru! We’ve all got a favourite but the options are getting ever more varied and if you’re the other side of the ocean...pretty weird! Ever wondered how drive-thrus became so popular? Here’s some fun facts!

The first drive-thru opened in 1947 (and it wasn’t a McDonald’s) reportedly at Red’s Giant Hamburg on Route 66 in Springfield, Missouri. Red’s closed in 1984, so the award for the longest-running burger drive-thru goes to the original In-N Out Burger. It opened in 1948 in the Los Angeles area, and yes, it was based on the unique concept of a drive-thru hamburger stand using a (then) state-of-the-art two-way speaker box.

These days you can get yourself far more than food from a burger chain. Here in the UK drive-thrus have extended into... Donuts (Krispy Kreme) Sausage Rolls (Greggs) Coffee (Starbucks & Costa) Prescriptions (Boots) Banking (Metro Bank) Those seem pretty normal right? In the USA, things get a little weirder!...

Off Licence 

Seriously?! We think this is a really bad idea! The Voting Poll The voting machines were engineered to meet disability requirements so voters can cast their ballots without leaving their vehicles.

The Funeral Parlour 

Funeral homes are hardly anyone’s favorite place to visit. In Los Angeles, the Robert L. Adams Mortuary displays the deceased in a glass window where loved ones can pay their respects from the street.

The Wedding 

For those who want to get married on a whim, it can’t get much quicker than a drive-thru “I do.” Las Vegas’ Tunnel of Love started offering drive-thru ceremonies when the owners wanted an option to accommodate couples with disabilities.

The Prayer Booth 

Those who need a quick word of encouragement while on the go can drive by a prayer booth and receive some one-on-one time with a pastor.

Law Firm 

In 2010, personal injury and malpractice specialists The Kocian Law Group opened up a new office in a former Kenny Rogers Roasters -- and decided to keep the drive-thru window. A paralegal operates the window, hands out documents and answers questions.

So when you’re on the road, why not keep a list of all the drive-thrus you stumble across and if you’re planning on stopping at one with the kids, heres some things you should be sure to keep in the car for those ‘just in case’ moments:

Hand sanitiser, so gross germs don’t make it onto your fries. Kitchen towels or napkins (ketchup can get EVERYWHERE!), also useful to cover laps and t-shirts with. Baby wipes or wet wipes, very useful for cleaning sticky or greasy hands both before and after eating! Bottled water so you can avoid too much junk by getting sucked into ordering the super sized fizzy drinks!

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