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Are You Happy?

16 Sep 2020

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It’s an interesting question, with an interesting answer.

It turns out that happiness is not a destination; it isn’t something to be achieved. Happiness is something that resides inside you. You can be happy wherever you are, right now.
Define happiness for you
Happiness isn’t the same as pleasure. It isn’t a single emotion. Happiness requires you to go through the pain and struggles of life and deal with them like everyone else. How you react to pain and struggle defines your happiness. As you deal with and solve your own problems and those of others, you actually become happier.
More doesn’t mean happier
More money, a faster car and a bigger house won’t make you happier because happiness comes from within. Beyond the financial security we need to provide a place to live, pay for essential services and food to eat, we don’t need a whole lot more. More is nice, but not essential for happiness.
Find your thing
You’re not going to excel at most things in life but all of us have at least one thing we’re great at. It could be knitting, playing the piano, or making wooden bird houses, but find it, enjoy it, and make it yours. You don’t have to be world class, just good enough to give you pleasure.
Find your values
Consciously think about your thoughts and feelings. Don’t stay in a job you hate to buy things you don’t need. Don’t hang out with the group of friends who drag you down when you can spend time with one or two who lift you up, and definitely don’t keep saying yes to things you don’t want to do.
This isn’t a magic formula for happiness, but it’s a start. Happiness, like anything worthwhile, takes practice. Be happy.

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