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Auld Lang Syne or Good Riddance?

09 Dec 2020

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Let’s face it: for many people 2020 has been a fairly terrible year. Is it all bad though? Well, believe it or not there are many positive outcomes from the consequences of lockdown.

Community Spirit

Despite lockdown, many communities have thrived during the pandamic with support groups springing up to help the vulnerable. From volunteers doing shopping and collecting medicine for the elderly and nearly a million people responding to the Governments plea for NHS volunteers.

Reduced Carbon Emissions

With the slowing down of the economy, fossil fuel usage has also diminished. It’s estimated that carbon emissions have reduced by nearly 10% in 2020. This has lead to significantly cleaner air and beautiful blue skies in many locations across the planet.

Love For Essential Workers

Ordinarily, delivery drivers, shelf-stackers and supermarket cashiers are not thought of as heroes. But the pandemic has highlighted the essential roles played by key workers that we all depend on in our dailiy lives. Across the world, people have been publicly applauding medical staff and suddenly these often low-paid workers are getting the appreciation they deserve too.

Families and Friends

While a lot of us have spent a lot of time in isolation, many people have reported being more in touch with their family and friends than ever. Furloughed workers suddenly have found themselves with more free time and through technologies such as Zoom and other video platforms, it’s possible to connect with loved ones online. With less time spent commuting to the office families have also had more dinners together.


Life Restructuring

It’s a common idea that time alone provides a healthy opportunity to stop, breathe and reflect on your current situation and direction. While lockdown rules are limiting people’s normal social lives, it’s also been a good time to think about what really matters to you. Whether it’s pursuing a new career, moving to the countryside or focusing on your family, now is the time to make that change.

Learning Has Increased

During the pandamic there has been an incredible surge in people spending time to learn: whether it’s a new language, an instrument, how to bake bread or virutal museum tours via the internet - learning is definitely one of the biggest positives of lockdown.

So despite the disconnection from the ‘normal’ treadmill, we’ve found a reconnection with some very important things.Stay well and be safe!

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