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Autumn in the Garden

13 Oct 2021

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As the weather turns and the trees begin to drop their leaves, there’s lots to do in the garden to keep things tidy, protect plants over the winter and give them a good head-start for spring next year.

Autumn is the perfect time to plant and move shrubs and trees. Also, the bare root and root-ball hedging season starts in November so it's a good time to start planning any hedging projects. Here are some top jobs to be getting on with in the cooler weather:

Top 9 jobs this month
• Plant shrubs and trees to fill gaps and add structure, planning for year round colour.
• Keep up with watering of newly planted or newly moved plants, using rainwater if possible
• Cut back herbaceous perennials that have died down, leaving those with interesting seed heads and apply a fresh layer of mulch
• Divide any congested herbaceous perennials and redistribute to fill any gaps
• Plant spring flowering bulbs
• Autumn is also a good time to lay new turf and re-sow bare patches of lawn.
• Cover leafy vegetable crops with bird-proof netting
• Continue to harvest and tidy the vegetable garden
• Clear dead leaves promptly once they start to fall, as rotting leaves can be a source of disease in the garden. Add some to the compost heap or bag up to create valuable leaf mould in time.

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