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Avoid Those Tentse Moments!

13 Jul 2022

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Many of us have a tent languishing in the loft or at the back of the garage. Camping can be a really fun and cheap way to have a summer get-away. If you’re tempted to get outdoors, here’s some tips to set up your temporary home in a super easy jiffy!
Read the instructions...
If you’re like us, it’s probably been a while since you set up that tent, so familiarise yourself with the ‘How To’, it’ll save your sanity in the long-run.

No instructions!
Do an internet search. Many manufacturers’ instructions are available online.

Put up the tent at least once...
Don’t wait until your camping trip to learn about pitching a tent! Try it in the privacy of your garden. If you don’t have a garden, visit the nearest playground or park. Here’s what to do:

Unpack your tent...
• Spread all of the pieces on the ground.
• Make sure you know which piece is which.
•Read through the instructions again (really!) and make sure you have a solid understanding of the whole process.
• Okay. Now you can begin! Follow the manufacturer’s instructions exactly, in the order they are given.

At camp...
• Remember to bring along the instructions - and use them!
• Arrange to arrive at your camping spot early in the day. You don’t want to be setting up a tent when you (and the kids!) are tired and hungry. You definitely don’t want to be pitching a tent in the dark. (Remember, though, life does happen - and you probably will find yourself setting up camp in the dark someday. That’s why you did all that practising at home! You now know your tent so well that you can pitch it in the dark!).

Whether you’re camping on a camp site or braving it in the wilds of Scotland (Scotland is the only place in the UK it is legal to wild camp) there are a couple of important things you should remember to bring
with you!
Don’t forget to pack...

A torch, lantern or head lamp
If you need to locate an item within your tent or visit the loo during the night, a portable, battery-powered light is invaluable. Many campers tout headlamps as the best option because of their hands-free functionality.

Toilet Paper
Hardcore survivalists may view toilet paper as an unnecessary luxury in the outdoors, but many campers swear to its necessity. Bark and leaves make poor substitutes for latrine duty in both comfort and hygiene, and a chapped backside can make sitting painful. Also, campgrounds with bathroom facilities have been known to run out of paper on occasion. If you're camping in the deep woods and concerned about the environmental impact of using toilet paper, purchase some that's biodegradable and use a trowel to bury it or take a refuse bag for disposal!

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