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Be Kind To Yourself

14 Aug 2018

With the kids returning to school soon, it’s good to take some time out and decompress from the summer holidays. Mums and Dads can be frazzled from juggling work and childcare and the endless entertaining. So this September, when the routine returns, make some time to be kind to yourself...

Be careful how you talk to yourself: Is your tone warm, encouraging, kind, forgiving? Remember that negative self-talk often keeps us stuck. If this is a cycle you need help breaking remind yourself to speak nicely to yourself, there’s no reason to be too hard on yourself.

Learn how to soothe your mind: Life is stressful and we all need coping skills to survive. Consider meditation, gentle music, keeping a journal, or creating something. Distract, don’t ruminate. Why not try downloading a meditation app on your phone that will help calm your mind. Most apps have guided meditations that focus on different things such as training your mind to deal with anxiety, help you to sleep, focus your day on gratitude etc.

Say “no”: Sometimes the best way to be kind to yourself is to set limits on how much of yourself you can commit to certain people and activities. You’re not being selfish. Humans can’t do all things well.

Self-care: Know your needs and figure out how to meet those needs. Suggestions: eat well, exercise regularly, and get plenty of sleep. This is like performing routine maintenance on yourself. Socialise: We don’t exist in a bubble. Sometimes you will need to intentionally surround yourself with others who bring positivity and encouragement into your life. This is best done in person. Avoid relying too heavily on technology. Speaking of technology…

Don’t overuse technology: Humans are complex and social creatures. We were not designed to live life through a screen. Numerous studies assert that overuse of technology and social media are correlated with increased anxiety, comparison, envy, and apathy.

Give back: You may ask, “How does serving others help me to be kind to myself?” Well, it allows you to take the focus off of yourself, which gives your mind a break from whatever it is you’re ruminating about. Plus you get to brighten up someone else’s day. Win-win!

So make sure you put aside some time to be kind to yourself. You’ll be surprised at how much lighter and happier you’ll feel.

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