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Beautiful Bags

11 Dec 2018

Does wrapping presents drive you nuts? Sometimes we end up buying very awkwardly shaped gifts to wrap and you’ll feel like pulling your hair out when your gift looks like it’s been dropped down the stairs! Why not make a quick and easy gift bag? This trick will get you out of a pickle!

You will need: • wrapping paper • a box (cereal box or any other size you like) • double sided sticky tape • scissors • a hole punch • some ribbon • festive sprigs and berries to use as embellishments

1. Place your box onto your sheet of wrapping paper, leaving enough overhang at the bottom to fold more than half way up the bottom of the box. Place a strip of double sided sticky tape along the edge of your paper. 

2. Wrap the box (not too tightly) as if you were wrapping a present by sticking the long edge and then folding the bottom short edges inwards pressing the folds as you go and leaving a top and bottom flap. place a piece of double sided sticky tape on the bottom flap.

3. Fold down the top flap and then fold the bottom flap upwards pressing the tape to seal the bottom of the bag. You can then gently slide the box out of the bag.

4. As the paper we’ve used is double sided, we’ve folded the top edge over to add some contrast. Use your hole punch to make two holes in the top of your bag.

5. Thread your ribbon through the holes. Pull the all the way through and tie a knot. Place your embellishments such as sprigs of fir, berries or feathers, anything you fancy on top of the knot and then tie a second knot to hold them all in place. Finish by tying a bow!

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