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Build a Mini Wildlife Pond

17 Mar 2021

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We’ve had a few days where it certainly feels like spring is springing and now is the time of year to consider supporting wildlife in your garden. Many animals will be looking for suitable places to call home and rear their young over the coming months. Building a mini-pond will not only support all kinds of different aquatic life and insects, but will provide drinking water for small mammals and birds too! Here’s how to build one...

You will need...

• a watertight container such as an upcycled bucket or plastic tub

• old bricks, rock and pebbles

• some pond plants

• a spade

What you 
need to do...

1• Choose a spot. Your pond will need light, but not full sunlight all day. You can dig a hole and sink your container, or just have it sitting on top of the ground.

2• If the container isn’t watertight, e.g. An old plant pot, then add a piece of pond liner.

3• Add a layer of gravel and rocks.

4• Fill your pond with rainwater (tap water contains additives that

are good for humans but not safe for small wildlife).

5• Start planting, you only need two or three plants. When choosing your pond plants, consider choosing some that stick out of the water and some that live under the surfurface that can provide cover from predators.

6• Now watch and wait! Wildlife will come to your mini-pond of its own accord! Why not keep a nature journal of creatures that you spot around the pond?

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