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Burton Prostate Cand Support Group

Burton Prostate Canscer Support Group

12 May 2021

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It is a sad fact that 1 in 8 European men will be diagnosed with Prostate Cancer at sometime within their lifetime. Prostate Cancer can be found in men of 50 years and onwards, with the majority of Prostate cancers being diagnosed in men in their mid 60's. As a result of the recent increase in men being diagnosed with Prostate Cancer, something additional was needed to complement the clinical treatment for this disease and this additional something was 'Peer Support'.
Being diagnosed with a cancer is a devastating experience, earth shattering for the recipient. On reaching home following a diagnosis, many of us will feel alone, frightened and unsure of what the future may hold. The newly diagnosed sufferer may wish to talk with family or friends, or with someone who has already been diagnosed and being treated for Prostate Cancer. This is commonly known as Peer Support. Although there are many types of peer support available, the local support group format tends to be the most helpful and accessible.
The Burton Prostate Cancer Support Group (BPCSG) was founded in the January of 2017, being the brainchild of a Urological Surgeon working out of the Queens Hospital, Burton. This highly experienced surgeon decided, for patients coming through her clinics and having been diagnosed with Prostate Cancer, Peer Support could be their lifeline, allowing them to meet and talk with men who have already been treated for this dreadful disease. Following a meeting at Pirelli Stadium, Burton with 24 recent Prostatectomy patients in attendance, 2 appointee volunteers agreed to commence the setting up of the Burton PCSG, designed to be run on a 'for the patients, by the patients' basis. This new support group being independent from the NHS. Through the 5 years the Burton PCSG has been in existence, this group has not only become extremely successful, it has also helped support many patients from as far away as Derby, Ashby, Rugeley, Tamworth, plus all towns and villages within the East and South Staffordshire region. The group also visits health fairs and goes out into the community providing Prostate cancer awareness presentations to various organisations. The group's constitutional aims are kept simple, being:
•Supporting Prostate cancer sufferers
•Raising Prostate cancer awareness
The Burton PCSG are a non-clinical group of patients who meet at least once a month, aiming to hold their meetings usually on the 1st Monday in every month. Should there be a Bank Holiday Monday in the month, the meeting is moved to the 2nd Monday. New members, together with their partners, are always made extremely welcome. However, due to current Covid restrictions, the group still meet every month, but on-line using Zoom conferencing software.
If you have been recently diagnosed with Prostate Cancer and are concerned, or perhaps need advice on Prostate cancer awareness, why not contact the BPCSG directly on 07478 889577, or write to them at

For more information contact Burton Prostate Cancer Support Group via email: or phone: 07478 889577

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