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By The Barn

Angela Sargent

10 Apr 2019

Now it’s April - doesn’t time fly by? Everything is growing well. The grass fields are fertilised and rolled so they are ready for silage making, the arable fields are checked for diseases and pests and the crops are assessed for their nutritional needs too.

For the farmer, soil health is very much in the forefront of his/ her thoughts, as without good soil then you don’t get good crops.

Roughly there are about 25 tonnes of micro organisms per hectare. These are made up of 4 tonnes of worms, 10 of fungus and 1 of beetles, amongst others.

So the soil is very much a living thing and we don’t want to destroy the balance, it’s much better to work with than against and whatever is taken out needs to be put back- something farming detractors do not seem to think we do.

On a wet spring day you will often see earthworms on the surface , but there are many different types that live in different soil layers or types of soil and scientists suggest they live for one to two years in gardens but can live four to eight in field conditions.

There are many Blackbirds about the hedges and they, along with other birds, enjoy a meal of worms, especially as chicks hatch and fledge.

We do not trim hedges at this time of year , nor do we walk on the field margins, if we can help it, in case there are ground nesting birds.

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