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By The Barn

Angela Sargent

16 Oct 2019

Fresh October mornings, bright and breezy with a crisp chill in the air heralds in the autumn season. The scents of ploughed land, over ripened berries, damp earth and strong fox odour become a constant.

Smells are an intrinsic part of agriculture: from the new mown silage grass of Spring, through the warm harvested corn, to the stench of fresh manure. The scent of hay bales stacked high in the barn and the vinegar pong of silage fermenting when a contaminated bale is opened.Sometimes we forget to use our senses but catching the merest whiff of something familiar can transport us back in our minds to an event otherwise forgotten!

Our failed bird seed mix has been resown with slug pellets- a successful legal challenge meant that metaldehyde can still be used, as long as very stringently and carefully. This is to provide food and cover for all sorts of birds and insects over winter, when such things become scarce because of the season and is part of our conservation steps taken here on farm (like many other farmers).

We are continuing to market our own home bred lambs via Bakewell , however, who knows what is likely to happen to trade in these uncertain weeks and months. The ‘store’ lambs (those we bought in to grow on a bit before selling) are just beginning to finish and these too will go through the market.

We hear Tawny and Barn owls screeching as the afternoon fades into evening and into night and have seen Little Owls. Sounds as well as smells abound!

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