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By The Barn

Angela Sargent

12 May 2021

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“What is this life if,

full of care,
We have no time to
stand and stare,
No time to stand beneath
the boughs
And stare as long as
sheep and cows.”
That is something that many people have done during lockdown – taken note of nature and discovered how calming it is for the soul!
Birdsong will be increasing in volume by now, as nests are feathered, mates are found and fought over and eggs are laid. Nests are found in all sorts of places at times and not necessarily in the nesting box put up especially for them – we found one at sheep level in the back of a lambing pen and, unfortunately it didn’t survive a hungry sheep.
Insects are abundant, particularly where there are bodies of water or sweet- smelling blossom and they can cause issues for all livestock farmers, whether you are a dairy farm or otherwise. Insects can cause eye irritation in cattle and fly strike on sheep (and we will be shearing soon) so preventative measures have to be taken.
Ted has paid a visit to the vet to get his annual jabs and MOT and passed with flying colours, even though he got caught by a flying kick from a young steer on turnout day. As a working dog and a crucial part of the team, it is important he is kept in tip top condition and, just as importantly, wormed regularly.
There is a serious parasite which dogs can carry (and suffer ill health from) and can pass on to cattle (and vice versa) causing abortion and illness- Neospora. That’s why it’s important to pick up dog poop!
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