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By The Barn

Angela Sargent

13 Feb 2019

According to hubby, “January’s a foul month and February’s worse!”, but at least the days are starting to draw out now and it’s a short month with Spring on the other side.

This winter so far has been very mild and dry and, following on after a dry summer and autumn, means the potential for a dry/hot summer like in 1975/76 seems possible and maybe shortages of grass and fodder again - who knows? The reservoir levels seem quite low too.

This month sees the national farmland bird count again - a bit like the RSPB garden bird count, although it’s usually cold, wet and blowing a gale when I decide to do ours.

It’s also “Februdairy”, a response to “veganuary” and a chance to repudiate some of the claims made against the dairy and farming industry.For instance, there is a whole world of difference between the cattle industry in this country and that of the US feedlot ranch style.

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