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Cats and the Big Outdoors

Derby Cats Protection

14 Jun 2023

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Even in familiar territory, cats may wander too far and may get too confused to find their way home. This is why we recommend microchipping as the best way of identifying your cat and your best hope of being reunited if it gets lost. Vets are urging people to microchip their cats ahead of the new law which requires all cats to be microchipped from June 2024. Unchipped cats make it extremely difficult to reunite them with their owner if they were lost, injured or stolen. Collars may be helpful at identifying your cat, although they often come loose or get snagged when your cat is exploring or climbing, which could harm your cat. If you decide to fit a collar, choose one with a quick release or snap opening. You should be able to fit two fingers snugly underneath it when the cat is wearing it. Alos, cats can also catch their leg or jaw in an elasticated or ill-fitting collar.

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