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11 Dec 2018

Christingles are hand held decorations that are lit during a Christingle service. These decorations are made from an orange wrapped with red ribbon, dried fruit & sweets with a candle on top. The orange represents the world, the ribbon represents God’s love wrapped around the world, the fruit and sweets represent God’s creations and the seasons and the lit candle symbolises Jesus, the light of the world who brings hope to those living in darkness.

Christingle raises vital funds to help children who are facing Christmas alone and are unable to cope and is coordinated by The Children’s Society (

Christingles are usually held from the start of Advent to Candlemas, with Christmas Eve a particularly popular time for services.

Because Christingle was specifically created with children in mind, the celebrations are the perfect event for children and families and can be enjoyed by people of all ages – especially if they don’t regularly attend church. Christingles coming up!

16th December: Starts 3.00pm at St Helen’s Church - Ashby 16th December: At 10.00am in Wystan Church - Bretby 22nd December: 4.00pm at St. Stephen’s Church - Fradley 24th December: Starts 4.00pm at Emmanuel, Church Street - Swadlincote 24th December: Begins 6:00pm at St John’s Church - Donisthorpe

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