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Classroom Challenges

Tracey Anderson

16 Jul 2020

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Coming out of lockdown presents particular challenges for families with kids will have been in school all along; some will have had a good lockdown experience; some will have struggled for many reasons, and some will not be going back at all this side of the summer break.

This is a challenging time for families as they readjust while still dealing with anxieties and worries about the pandemic, jobs, relatives, and finances.
Your child may be excited about the return to school and reuniting with their friends, or they may be worried and anxious. Talk to them about what they are looking forward to and what concerns they may have about going back to school. 
Try to act as a sounding board, listening without immediately offering advice. Sometimes just talking something through can help children come up with solutions of their own.
Take your child's concerns seriously. Academic and social pressure is daunting enough without the additional stress of returning after a lockdown. Never belittle or trivialise their problems.
Share some of your feelings and experiences in an age-appropriate manner. Also share your own healthy coping mechanisms. Try to keep communication channels open so they will talk honestly with you. Discuss important issues but also make time for silly stories about your day or theirs.
Make it a priority to motivate their learning. Be curious and interested in their lessons and link it back to the learning they did at home if you can. Give specific, concrete praise such as "I really like your detailed approach to this project," rather than a general comment " That's great!"
Don't be afraid to ask for help. Let teachers know if you're worried about anything in particular, or if you feel child could benefit from extra help in making the transition back from home to school.

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