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Daffodil Appeal & a Day of Reflection

15 Mar 2023

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The Marie Curie Great Daffodil Appeal is observed in March every year. It’s a month-long celebration of people joining together to support, by donation, one of the biggest annual charity events in the U.K. All proceeds go to Marie Curie nurses, who provide vital support, hospice care, and access to quality healthcare for patients with terminal illnesses as well as bereaved families. On this day, businesses and commercial establishments stock daffodils in front of their stores while individuals wear a daffodil pin on their shirts to show support. Find out how you can help raise awareness for this cause.

The Marie Curie charity, a fundraising organization, was founded in 1986 to support Marie Curie nurses, patients with critical needs, and families that lost their loved ones to illnesses. During its humble beginnings, volunteers would hand out fresh daffodils and collect donations from strangers willing to shell out any amount. By 1990, the Liverpool Marie Curie Society planted daffodils in the city’s Sefton Park with the help of the Liverpool City Hall. This spot was then called the ‘Field of Hope,’ which became a public park to inspire cancer patients and carers. Liverpool’s Spalding market donated the daffodils. This inspired several other places in the city to do the same, including Stanley Park, Woolton Village, and Clarke Gardens.

In 1995, the Marie Curie organization replaced fresh flowers with fabric daffodil pins. This movement encouraged people to wear daffodils on their clothing as a sign of support for the cause. By then, three million pins had been given out and 1.47 million dollars were donated to the charity. But it wasn’t until 2005 that the name ‘Great Daffodil Appeal’ was formally launched.

In March we also see Marie Curie’s ‘Day of Reflection’ on 23 March. This day aims to bring everyone together for the third UK National Day of Reflection – an opportunity to remember our loved ones who’ve died, support people who are grieving, and connect with each other. Mark the day with a minute’s silence at noon, a nationwide network of Walls of Reflection, and a series of grief-themed online programmes.

The walls offer aspace to share memories of the family, friends, colleagues and neighbours who have died.

Create a Wall of Reflection in your school, workplace or community centre for this year's National Day of Reflection – download your toolkit and guide to get started! You can get your toolkit and find out more information here:

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