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Decades of 'dos

17 Apr 2018

The 20th century saw the emergence of many of today’s iconic hairstyles for women. With retro & vintage fashions falling in and out of favour, many of these styles can be seen on the high street today! Here’s a few of the most memorable...

The 1920s 

Following on from the First World War in 1918, many women were wearing shorter, more practical haircuts but this didn’t mean there was a lack of style. The bob haircut, was worn by French fashion designer Coco Chanel and became popular during the 20s. It was considered a shocking hairstyle in more reserved social circles.

The 1930s 

During this decade women’s hair got longer and softer waves became the fashion. Barrel curls and pin curls were often worn with a sleek side parting. German actress Marlene Dietrich showed off this style in particularly spectacular fashion.

The 1940s 

Despite the rationing and hardships of the Second World War, women continued to style their hair in elegant ways. Swedish actress Ingrid Bergman wore one of the hottest styles of the era — victory rolls. This style was named after a World War Two aerobatic maneuver, and was characterized by voluminous curls that framed the face. Later, victory rolls would come to be closely associated with the pin-up look.

The 1950s 

The big, bold bouffant was one of the most popular women’s hairstyles of the 1950s and reflected a return to big lavish hair after plainer wartime styles. The beehive first surfaced in the mid-1950s.It went on to be worn by Jackie Kennedy, who was no doubt responsible for its continued fashionable status into the 1960s.

The 1960s 

In the 1960s the sharp cut bob was seen on all the most fashionable heads. The ‘60s were a high point in the hair timeline, with an abundance of strong looks, but it’s hard to think of a more spectacular hairstyle than this.

The 1970s 

Long hair made a comeback with a bang in this decade. Styled with a fringe and an outward flick framing the face. The most iconic example of this was Farrah Fawcett’s feathered flick . In contrast to the sharp looks of the previous decade, Fawcett’s free-falling locks were parted and gently teased back, creating a stylish yet natural-feeling look.

The 1980s 

Big, big, big was the order of the day. The bigger the hair the better! Massive perms, teasing and enough hair spray to create a hole in the ozone layer. With the advent of the MTV generation this style got a lot of exposure throughout the world quickly.

The 1990s 

The biggest hair craze of this decade, and who can forget it, was the ‘Rachel’ hairstyle, worn by Jennifer Aniston in the the hit TV series ‘Friends’. This style was a long layered shoulder length hairdo with bounce and a side swept fringe.

The 2000s 

Self-styled fashionista Victoria Beckham is responsible for the iconic haircut of the noughties the inverted bob, sleek and manageable this was the ideal haircut for a professional mum.

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