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Escape Rooms Have Gone Online

Sarah Davey

13 Aug 2020

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Do you like escape rooms? Have you always fancied having a go at one but never got around to it?

Escape rooms have become popular over the past few years with families and friends who like a challenge. Kind of like The Crystal Maze (remember that?) in concept, where you have to solve puzzles as a team to ‘escape the room’.
As physical escape rooms have had to close, so these businesses have been quick to adapt and take the experience online. You can play as a family or with groups of friends as a social experience.
There are many online; some are free and some are paid for. The free ones are a good way to try the experience to see if you enjoy it.
Hogwarts Digital Escape Room was created by an American librarian in Pennsylvania. It’s loosely based on Hogwarts and the puzzles are fun. My family enjoyed it but found it quite easy and we were finished very quickly. But we discovered we enjoyed the concept and signed up for others which are more involved.
Trapped In The Web is a game you can play solo or with a team to complete tasks that will take between one to two hours. It’s reasonably priced at around £8 per person.
There are five themed rooms to choose from: Space Race, Cabin Fever, A Night at the Theatre, School’s Out, and Out of Hours. There is a different storyline attached to each one and different clues to collect and puzzles to solve.
These family-friendly escape rooms will get you started, but if you find you’ve got the bug you can find many more complex versions online.

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