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Fail to Prepare, Prepare to Fail

09 Dec 2020

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There are some things that just catch us out on Christmas Day. Be like the Guides and Scouts... be prepared! 

1. Batteries

Best to buy in bulk over the internet if you’re organised. If not, best join the queue in Argos for a pack big enough to power a space shuttle! If you don’t remember, there will be tears. Guaranteed.

2. Indigestion remedy

Christmas is the only time of year when we are unnaturally possessed to consume our own body weight in dried fruit and booze.

3. Plasters

Fabric. Waterproof. Sugar fuelled children or drink fuelled adults, it’s difficult to spot the difference sometimes and accidents ensue. Be prepared!

4. Wire cutters or very strong scissors

Some toy and present packaging would give the Ocean’s 11 team a run for their money! Be sure you’re able to open those pesky plastics.

5. Bin bags

Nanna always gets the gift buying so wrong. Ok, we are joking here, don’t throw it out, do give it to a charity shop after Christmas. Don’t forget that bin bags are a must for all the packaging and peelings!

6. Enough cream

Everyone will want it on their puddings and trifle, but if they don’t you can use it up in a lovely wintery soup.

7. A gravy boat

Be classy and ditch the Pyrex measuring jug at the dinner table. Nothing says “I’ve got my life together” more so than a gravy boat.

8. An emergency present

A box of Ferrero Rocher chocolates are a good idea to have to hand, if of course you can resist the temptation! A gift card from a high-end shop like M&S or John Lewis is always useful, you can always use it yourself if you don’t end up giving it!

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