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12 Jun 2018

The 18th June is ‘Go Fishing Day’. Fishing is a great past-time for getting out of the house, into the fresh air and removing yourself from the busy pace of every day life.

National Go Fishing Day is observed annually on June 18th. This is a day to take time from your daily routine to find a stream, pond, lake or river, bait your hook, cast your line and catch a fish or two.

In addition to providing food, fishing is a recreational pastime of many.

Recreational fishing includes conventions, rules, licensing restrictions and laws that limit the way in which fish may be caught. A rod, reel, line and hooks with any one of the different forms of bait or lures, are the most common form of recreational fishing.

The practice of catching (or attempting to catch) fish with a hook is known as angling. Catch and release (returning the fish to the water to continue its life) is sometimes expected or required by law. For others, this is a preferred form of fishing. There are a number of great places to fish in and around Burton-On-Trent, and we would encourage you to get in touch with The Burton Mutual Angling Association to find out information on equipment and fishing licences.

For more information on local fishing visit: or if you’re interested in deep-sea fishing get in touch with Three Tunns Sea Fishing Club on 07985 330428:

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