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Food Fantastic! Yeah Baby!

15 May 2018

There’s no need to relegate foods to the annals of history. Just as fashions come and go and then make a return, so do some of those old favourites that used to appear at the tables of our youth! If you just can’t bring yourself to serve Spam and sliced radishes in a loaf shaped jelly, then here are some easier favourites to update on your table and remember, everything looks cool and modern thinly sliced with edible flowers dotted on top!

Vol-au-vents A sweet or savoury classic! Who doesn’t love pastry, so these certainly need a comeback! Fill with hipster

favourite, pulled pork or brisket or serve filled with gooey ganache and garnished with a macaron, the possibilities for these little beauties is endless!

Prawn Cocktail Use langoustines and avocado roses to make this a decadent flashback. Dispense with the glass and serve on a plate as a small salad for sophistication.

Devilled Eggs Puree the yolks with beetroot and mint, or peas and top with micro-herbs to give these tasty fellas a colourful reboot.

Cheese Fondue Use a round sourdough loaf, cut a hole in the top and hollow out. Fill with cheese and bake in the oven wrapped in foil until the cheese is melted.

Profiteroles Although these will never go out of fashion, the sticky chocolate can sometimes be just too sickly. Try these filled with limoncello flavoured creme patisserie for a light and summery variation or lavender flavoured whipped cream for a truly surprising treat!

Cheese & Pineapple Sticks Try a selection of beauitiful continental cheeses teamed with grapes, olives or even cured meats. Put the foil covered orange down though, we won’t be needing that!

Rum Babas These rum syrup soaked donut style cakes are rarely seen these days. Why not give them a new lease of life by soaking in the alcohol of your choice instead. Amaretto or a fruit liquer would be divine!

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