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Food Fix

13 Dec 2017

Party season is upon us and guaranteed there’ll be an episode of alcohol excess and the usual utterance of the vow ‘Never again!’. Well while you’re feeling your most sorry for yourself, here’s some tips, to hurry the hangover along and get you back to your spritely self!

Keep it skinny! While you’re drinking, drink from taller, narrower glasses like a flute. Studies have found that we pour 12 percent more liquid into wide wine glasses.

Meaty munchies! Eat the meaty nibbles. Seriously! Meaty snacks are rich in amino acids that you need to make neurotranmitters, these are the messengers that transmit signals in the body. This should help to counteract alcohol’s ability to interfere with these signals and your subsequent fuzzy head.

Spice it up! Have some spice, either a curry or a herbal tea will work. You’ll need either ginger, turmeric or chillies. These all contain anti-inflammatory properties that counteracts the nausea that boozing induces. Try a tea with 1/2tsp each of turmeric, cinnamon, ginger and a pinch of cayenne pepper. Steep for a few minutes in hot water then strain and drink.

Coffee cure! Combat the inflammation. When processing alcohol your body produces acetate that is part responsible for your hangover. Research suggests an anti-inflammatory painkiller such as aspirin before bed and a cup of coffee when you wake can counteract the acetate effects. The painkiller lowers acetate levels by reducing inflammation and the caffeine blocks the acetate from reaching your cell receptors.

Cut the cigs! Avoid cigarettes! Well, that’s just good advice for life, but if you are partial to a smoke, try not to when you’re drinking. Cigarettes cause inflammation in the body and make the after effects of alcohol feel worse. Charcoal cleanse! Try drinking a charcoal drink before bed. It’s been found that charcoal is very good at binding to toxins in the gut, so you’ll need to drink it soon after your night out. Try 1/2tsp of Baldwin’s Charcoal Powder (£1.95, in a glass of water when you get home.

Soup is your saviour! Have a soup for breakfast. Soups can help replace sodium and potassium and help to rehydrate you. A meat soup will also be rich in vitamin B1 which can help with headaches.

So armed with these top tips, you should be well on your way after lunch and feeling spritely enough to start all over again! We suggest you don’t though and give your liver a break. Remember to always try and drink responsibly. Your insides will thank you.

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