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Football Frenzy

Perry Deakin

14 May 2019

Here we are; May 2019 with football still taking centre stage in terms of sporting intrigue, excitement, drama and pure adrenalin rush!

The fast-approaching Cricket World Cup, taking place in the UK very shortly, new Formula 1 season and the looming Ashes series against the old Aussie enemy simply aren’t getting a look-in just yet and long may that continue!

Liverpool and Manchester City continue to exchange blows and refuse to ‘crack’ under unbelievable pressure to win every game – I cannot recall a title-race that even comes close to this one - the levels of performance Pep and Jurgen are extracting from their squads is quite breath-taking. As we approach the final game of the season, whoever wins The Premier League will deserve to do so but spare a thought for the side who finish second, never will a second-placed team have amassed so many points.

I still believe a Liverpool win would be the choice of the romantics amongst us, with the Anfield massive not having won a title for 29 years but who didn’t feel Vincent Kompany’s pure joy this week when he ‘smashed’ a 25 yard screamer into the top corner against Leicester City when it was beginning to get a little ‘squeaky’ for the boys from The Etihad. Kompany’s goal had that ‘romantic’ element, without doubt and I for one would be delighted for him if his goal turns out to be the pivotal moment in this fantastic run-in – he is everything English football fans look for in their hero’s – loyal, honest and hard-working - he is an absolute leader of men who has endured and come back from serious injuries to once again lead City to the brink of huge success.

Then there is the Champions League!

The ridiculous comeback by Liverpool from a 3 – 0 first-leg deficit against (probably) the best side in the world was quite simply ‘stunning’.

It seems that only Anfield can generate that kind of atmosphere and ‘comeback’ – to see them completely destroy the Catalan side was just wonderful to watch – if you couldn’t get excited and misty eyed by the unfolding drama then maybe you have no soul – football at its best!

As I write this we do not know who Liverpool will face in the Champions League final in Madrid, but with my Premier League hat on, I am desperately hoping that Spurs will be able to take inspiration from last nights events at Anfield and come back from a 1-0 deficit against a fabulous Ajax team in Amsterdam.

Liverpool vs Tottenham in the Champions League final and Chelsea vs Arsenal in the Europa League final – how fantastic would that be – fingers crossed!

We also have fabulous looking Championship Play-Off Semi Finals to enjoy Aston Villa, West Brom, Leeds and Derby – all huge clubs who would grace the Premier League – my tip is still for Villa to get it done, but that is as much with my heart as my head!

Whichever way the Premier League, Champions League and Championship Play-Offs end-up, we have been royally entertained!

*Just a quick note regarding last months article.

One of our readers wrote in to point out that I had made an error regarding Manchester City’s ownership and was quite correct – I had stated that City were owned by Qatar when in fact the club are Abu Dhabi owned – apologies for getting my Gulf States confused. I blame my editor who puts enormous pressure on me to ‘hit print deadlines’!

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