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Get Your Eco Glow

14 Nov 2018

We’ve all seen the news recently about our oceans being choked with plastic and it made us think how much single-use plastic surrounds our Christmas festivities. Instead of splurging out on this year’s trendy decorations, many of which are made of plastics and flown half-way around the globe, why not have a go at making some tree decorations that are kinder to the environment? The great thing about these garlands, is that after Christmas, you can string them outdoors for the birds to eat! Popcorn & Berry Garland You will need: Sewing needle Thread 1 medium sized orange 1 cup of cranberries 1 cup of plain popcorn Directions: 1. Begin by drying your oranges. Slice them thick and place them directly on your oven grate for about 30 minutes at 135 degrees celsius. Remove and allow them to cool. 2. Cranberries can be dried the same way except on a baking tray, or, you can let them air dry. Alternatively you can let them sit out on a towel for a few days near a sunny window. They will dry naturally and still keep their round shape nicely. 3. Pop your popcorn, and now you are ready to start stringing! 4. Thread your needle and begin by stringing five cranberries (more if you wish) through the needle. 5. Add a dried orange slice. Just sew directly across the top of the orange and make a stitch to be sure it stays put. 6. Finish the pattern with a few pieces of popcorn. Take caution with this step as the popcorn crumbles easily. Once you have added the popcorn, you can then start the pattern over. 7. Why not try a few variations of the numbers that you alternate to give you different looking garlands! Frosty Candle Jars Supplies: Glass Jars Clear drying craft glue Epsom salts Greenery, berries & twine Flameless battery tea lights Hot glue Directions: 1.Scatter some of the Epsom salts on to a paper plate. 2.Apply a layer of glue around the jar. Be careful not to layer it on too thick or the glue will start to drip once the Epsom salt is applied. 3.Sprinkle the Epsom salt around the jar until evenly covered. Place the jars on a cleanable surface or newspaper in case glue drips down while drying. Allow the jars to dry for several hours, preferably overnight. 4.Attach greenery and berries to the neck of the jar using a dot of hot glue. Then wrap twine around the mouth of the jar a few times and tie off with a bow. 5.Add a flickering tea light to create luminaries for your holiday decor.

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