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Ghostly Delights

16 Oct 2019

Halloween is one of our favourite holidays! The 31st of October just fills us with sheer dread! All the ghouls are due to be out celebrating and taunting good decent folk with their terrifying antics!

If you're throwing a Halloween party, we thought you might enjoy making these adorable little ghost lights! They're sure to brighten even the darkest corner!

You will need:

A string of LED lights Ping pong balls (one per bulb) White fabric (something thin like muslin, chiffon or light weight cotton) craft glue An empty egg box A black felt-tip pen A small cross head screwdriver or large nail small scissors


Cut your fabric into squares approximately 8"x8" in size. Pull the threads to fray the edges a little to make the fabric look tatty.

Place a ping-pong ball into the egg box to hold it still and stop it rolling around.

Use your nail or screwdriver to carefuly push a hole into the ball, being mindful to make the hole just big enough to push the bulb light in without it being loose. It needs to be a snug fit.

Apply some glue around the hole in the ping-pong ball and stick the centre of your cloth squares to it. Use your scissors to snip the fabric where it covers the hole.

Take your felt-tip pen and draw some ghoulish faces onto your little ping-pong ghosts. You can use the egg box to keep the balls steady and stop them rolling around while you try to draw the faces.

Take each ghost and insert the lights into the top of their heads.

You can now use your lights to terrify your friends and neighbours!

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