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Go Greener

12 Feb 2020

With the recent out-of-control wild fires that have engulfed the world in the last 12 months, few continents have remained unscathed. in 2019 we saw California and The Amazon Rain Forest burn, including “unprecedented” wildfires in Serbia and Alaska (places well within the Arctic circle) and most recently Australia. The sight of wildlife burning to death is enough to prompt anyone to change their habits!

It is indesputable now that our love-affair with carbon based fuels must cease, but many people feel they have little control when so much of our global economy and way of life is built on its use. That doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t all do our part...

“The person who removes a mountain begins by carrying away small stones” - proverb.

However, all is not lost, we can each take steps to help prevent climate breakdown from getting worse. Here are som things that you can do:

Take little steps!

Switch to a green electricity provider like, it only takes a few seconds online!

Avoid disposable plastic as not only does it pollute our oceans it is also made of petroleum.

Reduce the amount of meat you eat. Maybe go veggie a couple of nights a week!

Cycle or walk for short journeys you make often.

Buy less, it takes an awful lot of carbon to more stuff around the planet. Especially fast fashion.

Contact your local MP and demand that they prioritise climate issues.

Switch your bank to one that prioritises ethical investments that support the environment and communities. Check out who aim to make the world a fairer, cleaner and more humane place working with charities, investors and entrepreneurs.

Make big leaps!

Consider making your next car an electric one! ...and if you’ve already switched to green energy at home, you can be sure your travel is working wonders for the planet.

Holiday in the UK or places you can get to by train. Train travel can also feel like part of the holiday as you’ll see so much that you wouldn’t otherwise!

Switch totally to a plant-based diet. Meat and dairy production are responsible for 14% of global climate changing emissions.

So don’t despair! There’s lots that we can all do to ensure a brighter, cleaner future for our children, the planet and the animals that we share it with!

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