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Good, Better, Bed

12 Feb 2020

When did you last change your mattress? This simple question can send us into palpitations! We know they don’t last forever, we know they can cause health problems when they get worn... but the risk of replacing your mattress and hating it! The horror!

Well the month of March is time to face those demons as it is National Bed Month, instigated by The Sleep Council!

Firstly, if your mattress was handed down from the Pharaohs then, no matter how comfy you think it is, you’ll probably be comfier on a new one. The damage you could be doing to your spine, hips and neck is not worth hanging on to it.

In a survey conducted by the Sleep Council, only 22% of people surveyed thought that a new bed would improve their sleep despite previous research that found that when replacing an uncomfortable bed, a new bed was associated with an increase of 42 minutes sleep! Wow! That’s a whole lot more rested!

A comfortable, supportive bed will ensure you move less, wake less, aren’t disturbed by your partner as much and are less likely to wake up feeling tired or aching.

If you’re unsure whether your bed is past its best, then look out for the signs such as its age, has it become noisy, do you and your partner roll towards each other unintentionally, is it sagging or even lumpy?

You know that wonderful feeling of drifting into a blissful sleep between clean, crisp bed sheets? Heaven!

1. Short change Over half of us (52 per cent) know that we should be changing the bed weekly as recommended, yet shockingly almost 70 per cent don’t do this.

2. The dirty work Over two-thirds of people questioned in the survey didn’t know that dirty bedding could cause allergic reactions, illness, infections and spread viruses.

3. Mattress munchies Fess up, those of you who have the munchies and make a mess in their bed – all 57 per cent of us! Chocolate is the preferred bedtime snack with a quarter admitting to sneaking a bar of chocolate or two in bed and a fifth will also leave a trail of toast crumbs regularly.

4. Furry friends But we’re not the only cause of bacteria in the bed – almost three-fifths let their pets sleep on their bed, adding to the dangers of what could be lurking in the bedding, with over a quarter of us letting our furry friend in every night!

5. Peculiar priorities Even though we take to our beds every evening, 62 per cent of people do the hoovering more often than changing the bed!

6. The heat is… off With 60 degrees being the optimum temperature at which to kill dangerous bacteria, it’s surprising that many people don’t wash bedding at this temperature.

7. Forgetting the extra mile Bed linen aside, quite a few of us have never thoroughly washed the rest of our bedding, with 37 per cent of people never cleaning their mattress, 30 per cent failing to freshen up their pillows and 24 per cent declining to dry clean the duvet. In fact, a quarter owned up to not replacing pillows after three years, while a fifth fail to swap their duvets. Twenty-two per cent admitted to not buying a new mattress after the recommended eight years, and a tenth of us have never replaced the mattress!

Most people would be rather surprised by the things you can find in an old mattress. Mould spores and bacteria build up over the years and although invisible, you could be breathing in these harmful spores at night.

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