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Halloween Home Style

13 Oct 2021

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Does the thought of Halloween fill you with dread? Well it ought to, isn’t that the point of its ghoulishness? Don’t let decorating your home for this terrifying holdiay wake you up in the middle of the night screaming though! Here are some creepy decorations that you can make without breaking the bank!

A Cauldron
of Bats

Did you know that the group name for multiple bats is a ‘cauldron’, we didn’t but we do now! Use the bat outline in the background of this page to create your very own cauldron of bat decorations!

You will need:
• scissors
• black paper
• blue-tack (or white tack)

Draw a bat shaped outline on your paper.
Cut out as many bats as you’d like (the more the better!) out of the black paper.
Slightly crease in half to give the wings a 3D effect and stick them to your walls and ceiling.

Giant Spider

You will need:
• 2 x black balloons
• white paper
• black ribbon or streamers
• pens
• scissors
• sticky tape

Draw & cut out eyes and fangs for the face.

Inflate one balloon smaller than the other and stick the face to the smaller balloon.

Stick the two balloons together and then attach 8 streamer legs to the largest ‘body’ balloon.

Affix to your wall!

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