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How to Choose The Perfect Christmas Tree

12 Nov 2020

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Picking out the annual Christmas tree is one of THE big moments of the season and a memory to be remembered, so don’t let a sad one ruin your Christmas! Here are our top tips and advice on choosing the perfect tree:

In the UK, we generally have three main species of Christmas tree on sale, these are:
Norway Spruce
These have been growing in the UK for almost 100 years! They are widely available but they do lose their needles more readily.
Nordmann Fir
A bushy compact tree with soft, glossy needles that they will mostly keep, but they don’t have much of a scent.
Noble Fir
Gaining in popularity because of their narrower shape, they have a good scent with dense, long-lasting needles.
Once you’ve decided on a variety, here are the main points to check before you head to the checkout:
The tree’s trunk should be slightly sticky.
Secure needles
Tap the cut end of the tree on the ground; if a few needles fall off, it’s okay, but if a lot of needles fall off, keep looking.
Even colour
The greener the better!
Once you get home, take these small steps to ensure your tree lasts and stays fresher for longer:
  1. Cut off about 2.5cm from the bottom of the tree’s trunk, as you would do with fresh flowers. This will help the tree absorb more water, hold it’s needles and keep it’s colour.
  2. Place the cut tree in water as quickly as you can.
You may want to place the tree next to a fireplace, but be aware that this will cause your tree to dry out faster.
You’re now ready to decorate and make your Christmas tree the focal point of your home.

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