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How to Choose the Right Care

Right at Home

12 Feb 2020

Choosing care for a loved one is one of life’s most stressful events, Right at Home is here to help

If there’s a noticeable decline in thinking and reasoning in a loved one, you should ask their doctor to arrange tests for cognitive function. It is important to act fast, as early medication is an important factor if dementia is diagnosed.

Accepting help is not always easy to do, especially if it may signify that someone is ‘slowing down’. No-one welcomes ageing and the subject of receiving care is always one that should be approached tactfully, to avoid undermining the confidence of the person involved.

When introducing the idea of care, involve your loved one in discussions from the start. Maintaining control is a significant factor in accepting help into your home and private life.

When it comes time to choose care, do not rush into the first option put to you.

Discuss with family and friends what outcomes you would like to achieve.

Speak to a care provider such as Right at Home and ask:

Will you allow me to select my own care team? Do you provide companionship, anti-isolation and activities to stimulate and provide enjoyment to people’s lives? Will you arrive on time, at a time of my choosing, stay for at least an hour, and, and how will you evidence that the services were completed? Are you accredited with the Care Quality Commission, UKHCA and what are your latest inspections? Are carers eligible to work in the UK, have recent DBS (criminal records) checks and have received NVQ’s, Care Certificate and specialist person centred training? Do the carers wear tunic’s or are they dressed smartly appropriate to the activity plan for the day? How do you keep family members informed and included in the care? What happens if there is an escalation or emergency, will the carer stay and resolve? Are you able to provide male and female care teams as appropriate? Will we be able to add to our schedule, move calls, cancel calls and have flexibility to change as required? Will you provide a Care Plan and how often will we have reviews and quality assurance checks? Do you have independent reviews and case studies to evidence you have delivered what you promise? Will you assist with funding, how do you invoice and are Direct Debit facilities available?

Right at Home match individual carers to clients to ensure continuity of carer. We build a bespoke support plan to help encourage independence, fulfilment and quality of life. Our not-for-profit anti-isolation events allow people to have a hot meal, integrate and have fun with their peers and provide respite for a primary carer.

Our industry leading technology provides full transparency and communication with the customer and their family members. Access to care notes, reviews, communication logs, activity lists are all provided in live time to ensure you are kept fully involved.

To find out more, call 01283 777700 and speak to one of our specialist managers, Melanie and Angela, who will be able to arrange a free consultation.

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