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15 Jul 2019

Mercia Archers formed in February, establishing the fantastic sport of archery in South Derbyshire. The founding members range from juniors to retirees, and bring with them a huge depth of experience across all areas of archery. This new club is keen to welcome guests, and public at open events, where they can enjoy archery; supported and encouraged regardless of age, ability, bow type or discipline. Along with lots of shooting practise to develop your technique, it also includes presentations and demonstrations; from the historical longbow to the Olympic style recurve and high-tech compound bows. As well as target archery, the course will include experience of clout archery, shooting at flags up to 180yds/165m away, for which the club already holds a fearsome reputation across the UK and boasts several of the top UK clout archers. On completion of the course, beginners are qualified and invited to join the club with the continuing support and encouragement that being part of such a friendly club brings. They’re also holding a Battle Tournament on 17th August, with up to 100 archers expected to compete in medieval dress, shooting long distances at targets of Vikings and longboats! The public are invited to come along and spectate, find out more about the club and the sport, and make use of the Gresley Old Hall bar and facilities. For more information visit: or find them on Facebook.

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