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Jubilee Bunting

18 May 2022

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With the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee on 2nd June fast approaching, we hope you’re getting prepared! Here’s a cute bunting to make to give your home some patriotic flair for the long weekend!

Union Jack Heart Garland

You will need:
Royal blue yarn or wool
Red yarn or wool
White yarn or wool
A needle for wool

Step 1:
Cut out several cardboard hearts from a sturdy piece of cardboard. We would suggest 7-10cm in size. Use the scissors to cut out tiny snips around the edge of the heart. This will help the yarn wrapping process.
Step 2:
Take your blue wool and tie it around the heart, usining the smal slits in the edge to catch the wool. Wind until you have enough wound round to build up a layer dense enough that you can keep winding without needing the slits. Wind the thread around the heart until it is completely covered.
Step 3:
When completely covered Tie of the end of the blue wool and tuck the tail in under the wool wraps.

Step 4:
Using the white wool, wind an ‘X’ Shape around the heart.
Then with the red wool, wind another ‘X’ shape over the top of the white one but make it narrower so that you can still see the white ‘X’ below.

Step 5:
Repeat step 4, but instead of winding an ‘X’ shape, wind a ‘+’ shape over the top of the ‘X’ that you’ve already made.

Step 6:
Now that you have made one heart, you can repeat all the steps until you have several hearts.

Step 7:
Cut a long length of woool and thread it through the wool needle. Then feed the needle through the yarn in the dip at the top of the heart. You add more stability by looping the needle through again as this will stop the hearts sliding along the wool.

Repeat this process for each of the hearts, with the desired space in between each one. Hang by tacking or tying the ends.

Now you’re ready for a cheeky slice of victoria sponge and a glass of Pimms to toast m’am.

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