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Marvellous Mushrooms

Rebecca Tucker

14 Nov 2018

Mushrooms are in season, so why not make the most of their delicious flavour and improve your health at the same time? One of the great benefits of mushrooms is their ability to support the immune system. So with the colder weather now upon us, they might just help keep those coughs and colds at bay! Here’s a rundown of some of the benefits of mushrooms, so you can be confident you’re doing your health a favour by including them in your diet. Immune Support Mushrooms are the only plant based source of vitamin D, which is needed for a healthy immune system. Food sources of vitamin D are especially useful in the autumn and winter months when we aren’t able to get as much from the sunshine. Mushrooms also contain selenium, a powerful antioxidant that can give your immune system a boost. Shiitake mushrooms offer even more immune enhancing benefits; they contain a substance called lentinan which has antiviral and antibacterial properties. Reduce Inflammation The majority of mushrooms contain an amino acid called ergothioneine which helps reduce inflammation and can protect the body’s cells from damage. Gut Health When eaten raw, mushrooms contain prebiotics that feed the good gut bacteria. This helps maintain the balance of friendly bacteria, helping to support a healthy gut. Heart Health Mushrooms may help lower cholesterol and contain phytonutrients that could prevent plaque from building up in the blood vessel walls. This helps protect the heart by maintaining healthy blood pressure and circulation. Rebecca Tucker is a Registered Nutritional Therapist practising at The Natural Healthcare Centre in Burton. For further information visit

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