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Meditative Mindset

19 Jan 2015

With the fast pace of life and never having enough hours in the day, it’s easy to feel like life is running away with you. So few minutes to do the things that you love, you then feel like you’re cheating yourself. Anxiety creeps in and at 2am your brain will only remind you of everything that’s causing you problems. By incorporating meditation into your life, it gives you coping strategies to put the irrational side of your brain back in it’s place. Have a more peaceful 2019 by practicing these things... Coping with Chaos 1. Chaos often causes physical stress, a common side effect of anxiety. As you meditate, breathe in to invite space into your entire body, then breathe out to release tension. 2. Meditation techniques can be used to adopt an attitude of acceptance. No matter what happens, you can give yourself permission to be peaceful. 3. Use meditation to visualize yourself floating above the conflict, where you have a much wider perspective. Life Focus 1.As you meditate, visualize a path through a forest, down a mountain, along the beach, into a city – wherever you are comfortable – and allow your mind to lead you to the answers. 2. Quietness is hard to achieve for many people. Don’t give up – you will do better with practice. 3. Simply practice letting go of thoughts as they come to you, then returning to the focus of your meditation, whether it’s your breath, a flame, or a mantra. Pace Yourself 1.Stop focusing on your effort to achieve something and instead simply create a vision of what you desire, then focus on that as you meditate. 2. When you think of your goal, imagine watching it and waiting to see what happens, instead of thinking about what you must do to force it to happen. 3. Give yourself permission to let problems and anxious feelings fall away naturally; look at them with indifference and spend your time mentally reinforcing the positive instead. Manage Anxiety 1. With your hand on your stomach, focus on your breath as you inhale and exhale. 2. Focus on the weight of your body in your chair and allow thoughts to come and go as you normally would (because they will—meditation isn’t void of thought), but as soon as you realize you’re lost in the thought, pivot your thinking back to the sensation you were focusing on. 3. Imagine the feeling of warm sunshine the next time you’re overwhelmed—but instead of just your face, imagine the light beam filling up each part of your body, from your toes to your head. Allow the warmth, light, and spaciousness to melt away any tension in the body. 4. Talk to yourself as a friend would talk to you. Ask yourself, “what do you appreciate most in your life?” Once you’ve got something (or things) in mind, dwell in that gratitude for 30 seconds. Enquiring in the second person separates you from your mind and encourages a space of appreciation, free from any overwhelming emotions.

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