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Mother's Day Blooms

12 Feb 2020

This year Mothering Sunday falls on 22nd March, the perfect time for showing your affection with spring blooms! We thought we’d give you a little advanced warning, if you wish to give this make a go, you’ll have time to gather supplies!

Spring Bulb Basket Gift

You will need: a pretty container or basket (at least 6” deep) potting compost spring flower bulbs decorative stones ribbon

Instructions: Choose a pot deep enough for the root to grow properly, at least twice the depth of the bulb. Fill it to about 3/4 with potting soil. When planting several bulbs in the same pot, leave about a pencil width of space around each bulb. Many garden centres at this time of the year sell sprouting spring bulbs, they’ve done all the hard work for you! Top up with soil to the top of the bulb, keeping the green shoot above the soil. Complete by filling in around the shoots with decorative stones and tying ribbon around the container in a bow.

In no time at all, the blooms will grow and be a pretty addition to any room or outside on a patio, doorstep or outdoor table.

To make it extra personal, why not consider the flower meanings of common spring bulbs.

Hyacinth: Well known for their amazing scent and architetural flower spikes, just a few blooms will scent several rooms. Each colour has a different meaning. white mean “i’ll pray for you,” blue mean sincerity, purple mean sorrow, yellow stands for jealousy, and red/pink mean “let’s play!”

Daffodils: These pretty yellow flowers stand for new beginnings. You should always give a bunch, which mean joy and happiness; whereas a single daffodil foretells misfortune. Giving daffodils signify appreciation for honesty or for forgiveness.

Irises: Like hyacinths, different colours have different meanings. The purple iris stands for wisdom and compliments, white irises stands for purity, and yellow symbolise passion. Blue irises means faith and hope.

Crocus: For the Greeks this flower is a symbol of eternal love and youthfulness. It also symbolises glee and happiness. Gifting someone his flower is a symbol of being glad you met this person or seeing this person.

Tulips: Last but not least, tulips signify a declaration of love! Tulips also signify determination. Who doesn’t love tulips?

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