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My Family Valentine

13 Jan 2021

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Valentine’s Day on 14th February is often associated with romatic love but this holiday is the perfect opportunity to make your loved ones feel extra special... and that includes your entire family! There are many ways to celebrate love and togetherness with your whole family, even if you’re staying at home this year.

1. Love Jar

Decorate empty jars with paper hearts and valentine stickers, making one for everyone in the house, you can even include the pets! 

Everyone then writes nice things about the other people in the house and pops the notes in the relevant jar. You can write things like “Why I love Mum” or “Why Dad is the best Dad” or “Crazy things my brother does”.

At dinner everyone can each open their jar and read how loved and valued they are!

2. Heart 
Shaped Treats

If you’re the baking type, you could try your hand at making heart shaped biscuits, cakes or even pancakes. For added fun, you could colour them shades of pink and red!

Are you a disaster in the kitchen? No problem, stock up on heart shaped treats for the day. Good ones are Jammy Dodgers, Love Heart sweets, Jelly Lips sweets, Haribo Hearts, or heart shaped chocolates from Thorntons or Hotel Chocolat.

3. Handmade Cards

This is a fun thing to do for all the family. You’re never too old to make a card. Drawing a cartoon of your other half is guaranteed to lead to fun and laughter. Don’t try and make it too perfect, the sillier the better!

4. Love Stories

This is the perfect day to phone or video-call loved ones. Do you know how your grandparents or parents met? What better day to find out? Find out what their wedding days were like and any funny dating stories they have.

5. Love Film

Find a feel-good family film and gather together with pop-corn on the sofa. Anything with Tom Hanks & Meg Ryan is sure to fit the bill!

6. Memory Box

Decorate a shoe box and ask everyone to contribute meaningful things like photos, stories, old baby socks, anything associated with good memories. Then seal it up and open it up next year for a warm and fuzzy feeling on Valentine’s Day next year too!

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