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Nuts About Squirrels

15 Sep 2021

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Rrunning from 4th -10th October 2021, Red Squirrel Week gives you the chance to get involved with projects throughout the UK which have been set up to help our woodland friends.

It is estimated that there are only 140,000 red squirrels left in the UK. You’re more likely to have seen grey squirrels, natives of the eastern and mid western United States, who are fast displacing our own native red squirrels.

So what else do we know about our red-headed critters? Well they are quite mysterious animals! They like to hide out in tree tops and snack on cones. Not the ice cream kind, the conifers! How will you know if there are red squirrels nearby if you can’t see them? Their large dreys (nests) will be visible along with chewed pine cones scattered around the forest. And did you know that baby squirrels are also called kittens? Just like cats, although we can’t imagine them hanging out with the feline kind any time soon!

If you want to get involved because you love wildlife, or because you remember Beatrix Potter’s childhood story, The Tale of Squirrel Nutkin, then there are lots of projects and wildlife events to get involved with and ‘see red’ on Red Squirrel Week.

Across the country there are many red squirrel conservation projects. In the North of England you can become an active member of your local red squirrel group or donate to this very special cause. Or if you’re simply nutty about squirrels, you can even adopt one!

To find out more and get involved with events to celebrate and save this amazing species visit the Red Squirrel Survival Trust website here:

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