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Our Saviour

11 Dec 2018

With all the people coming and going throughout the holidays, your home can sometimes feel like it has a revolving door! All the drop-ins can make you panic... what on earth do you feed all these people? You’ve not been to the shops and all you’ve got is leftovers and random things in the fridge! Yikes! Fear not. Pre-rolled pastry is your friend! Here are some quick and easy nibbles that you can whip up in a jiffy and impress everyone with... even if you are still in your pyjamas! Savouries Tomato & Cheese Diamonds Cut your trusty pastry sheet into squares. Grab some random cheese left over from the cheeseboard and grate or spread a teaspoon’s worth on to the middle of each square. Top with a slice of tomato, season and sprinkle with herbs. Take two of the opposite points of the square and fold them into the middle over the tomato. Brush with egg or milk and cook as per the pastry instructions. Spinach Cups Wilt some spinach (or rocket lettuce instead if you fancy) in a pan then squeeze out the excess water. Chop finely into a bowl, add some random cheese from the cheeseboard either grated or chopped up small and season. Cut your ready made pastry into 3” squares and brush a muffin tin with butter or oil. Lay one square of pastry in each muffin cup and then spoon a tablespoon of your cheesy spinach mixture into each. Brush with egg or milk and cook as per the pastry instructions. Stuffing Tear’n’share Roll out the whole pastry sheet and spread with leftover stuffing and sausage meat, leaving one of the long edges with no filling on 1” all the way down. Season your filling or keep getting creative with any other things you’d like to add (random cheesboard anyone?). Brush the long edge with egg. Roll the long edge with filling up until it meets the egg washed edge, give it a gentle press to seal. Cut your long stuffing log into 1” pieces and place close together, swirl side up in a spiral on a well oiled baking tray. Brush with egg or milk and cook as per the pastry instructions. Sweet Mini Cheesecake Tartlets Cut your pastry into disc shapes with a cookie cutter or upturned glass. Mix some cream cheese with caster sugar and vanilla extract adding a little at a time until it tastes right for you. Place the pastry circles onto a well oiled baking tray. Drop a teaspoon of sweetened cream cheese into the middle of each disc and top with whatever smoothie fruit you might have in the freezer or languishing in the fruit bowl! Brush the edges of each disc with egg or milk and cook as per the pastry instructions.

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