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Pack It In

17 Jul 2018

Holibobs season is upon us and we’re looking forward to some fun in the sun! When we’re there it’s bliss...but the prep can be such a pain! Take the stress out of your suitcase and make sure you only bring the fun with you. Here’s our packing tips for your summertime getaway...

1. Rolling, Rolling, Rolling 

Crumpled shirts and creased dresses are never a good look on holiday. Avoid ironing after your plane lands by rolling your clothes instead of folding them. Not only does this prevent them from creasing, it saves space too. By rolling clothes, you can jigsaw them all into your case and sneak items into any remaining spaces.

2. Cling it 

Avoid wayward shampoo bottles and sun cream tubes leaking by unscrewing the cap and layering on a small square of cling film. Replace the cap and should it accidentally pop open mid-journey your holiday outfits will be saved!

3. Weigh to Go 

Airline excess baggage fees are a nightmare for travellers and there’s nothing more humiliating than having to unzip your case at the luggage check-in desk, revealing its entire contents to fellow travellers as you remove items. Buying a handy luggage scale will enable you to weigh before you head off to the airport, and save embarrassment (and a hefty fee) when you turn up to depart. Also, make sure if you’re only allowed one bag as carry-on, that any additional bags fit into your case for boarding. This often includes any Duty Free purchases so be careful!

4. Guard Your Glass 

There are some clever space-saving tricks to protect fragile items like fragrance bottles. Utilise items like socks or the insides of shoes to act as cushioning pouches that will keep them safe in transit and save space as well.

5. Travel Tangle Free 

Keep chargers, headphones and other long cables prone to tangling safe by using old sunglasses cases to store them. Not only will you able to find them easily in your luggage, but they’ll arrive as neat and tidy as when you packed them.

6. Heavy? Wear It 

Wearing your bulkiest, heavy outer garments like coats and boots will create extra suitcase space and reduce the weight of your suitcase, too. Of course, if you’re flying somewhere exotic, do remember to disrobe before you disembark. Having a lightweight foldable shopping bag in your coat pocket with you will be helpful to put your coat and jumper in when you get off and won’t take up much space.

7. Belt Up 

This handy hack will ensure your shirts look pristine upon unpacking. Curl up your belts so they fit snugly within the band of your shirt collars. It’ll keep them rigid and prevent them from being crushed by the rest of your suitcase’s contents.

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