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Plan That Playtime

17 Jul 2018

Who doesn’t love the school holidays! Not having to work to set times, reduced running around and spending more time with the kids. To make sure that you get the best out of the time it’s best to make some preparations so that everyone (including you!) has fun during the school holidays.

Get everyone together! Have a fun evening together in the run up to the school holidays and ask the kids if there is anything special that they would like to do over the holidays. Agree on a couple of activities and then schedule them throughout the school holidays. Let each choose a free and a low cost paid activity.

Get everyone out! If you’ve got a large brood it works well to have changes of scenery to make sure that everyone gets along harmoniously. When making your plans, try to have a day or two at home at the beginning of the holidays, so everyone can get some rest after the long school term and then some days at home again towards the end of the holidays, so that they head back to school refreshed.

Keep it flexible! The plan, like all things when it comes to kids, isn’t set in stone, but provides an organised base to allow the needs of everyone to be met over the holidays. Try to include..

  • A mix of activities outside of the home. 
  • Unstructured play days at home. 
  • Activities the whole family will do. 
  • Individual activities for space and quiet time. 
  • Catching up with friends who live further away.

Once you have your base plan, print it out and stick it on the fridge. It is great to have it where the kids can see it, so they can find out for themselves what is coming up and you won’t have to answer the “when are we going to……” questions 100s of times.

Stock up on cooking supplies: This has two purposes, firstly with all of the kids home and visitors coming, you will go though a lot more food and secondly kids love to cook and bake as an activity during the school holidays.

Stock up on lunch and snacks ingredients: During the school holidays it can sometime seem like all you do is prepare food and tidy up afterwards! Why not make the kids become responsible for doing more of this themselves. Each day one child is responsible for making breakfast, alternate lunch times with a combination of you making them and the kids making it themselves. To make this easy for the younger children make sure that you have food supplies on hand that make snacks and lunch process simple Stock up on craft and art supplies: This doesn’t need to be expensive, it can be as simple as keeping all boxes, cartons etc instead of putting them in the recycling bin so you have a range of materials for the kids to create with or if your kids like painting making sure you have a good range of colours for them to use. Have tubs of beads, glitter, glue, paper, ribbon, wool and other craft supplies to hand for the inevitable rainy-days

Book ahead: See what’s going on locally over the summer and factor in those organised events to take the pressure off thinking of something to do (keep an eye on our ‘What’s On’ pages for stuff to do). If you’re planning a trip away to the seaside or sight seeing, think about buying tickets, particularly train-tickets in advance to make sure you get the best deals.

Here’s a helpful planner for you to print: Download School Holiday Planner

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