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Pom Pom Easter Bunnies

11 Mar 2020

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Nothing says easter more than a cute little fluffy bunny. So we thought it would be super fun to share this little pom pom bunny make with you!

You will need: Small amount of black, grey and pink felt Small amount of fabric glue Scissors Ball of grey wool Glue gun

Method: • Make two grey pom-poms, one smaller than the other and a small white pom-pom.

• Use the hot glue gun to stick the smaller grey pom-pom (the head) to the larger one (the body) and then the small white pom-pom (the tail) to the larger grey pompom.

• Cut two ear shapes out of the grey felt and a smaller ear shape of pink felt and glue on top of the grey. Glue and pinch at the bottom to finish the ears and then glue to the top of the bunny’s head.

• Cut two small circles out of the black felt for eyes and a small circle out of the pink felt for a nose. Stick to the bunny’s face with fabric glue.

• If you want to, why not make some funny accessories for your bunnies to wear!

We’d love to see your attempts at making these cute little critters, so why not share them with us on our facebook page at:

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